Green Tape Bottles are Here

In the beginning, there were suitcases full of mezcal*, and it was very good.

We drank with friends, shared photos, traded GPS coordinates, and argued about which lady had the best memelas on the side of Highway 175.

Since then, we’ve learned a lot about cardboard boxes and customs brokers, but the goal is still to share the best spirits from our favorite producers with people who will appreciate them. 

The green tape bottles are suitcase mezcal* that you can get in bottle shops and bars.

What do we mean by suitcase mezcal*? It’s what you get when you visit the mezcaleros themselves: pure, uncut with water, and uncertified. It’s the delicious/weird/incredible stuff your friend brought you in a water bottle from her trip to Oaxaca, except, you don’t have to ration it. We’ll get you more. We promise.

Starting this week we're introducing an Arroqueño and a Tepextate from Felipe and Ageo Cortes; along with a Tobaxiche, Madrecuixe, and Verde from Victor and Emanuel Ramos, with more expressions, families and regions coming soon.

*Legally, to use the word mezcal, it must be certified, but in many cases, the requirements for certification don’t allow traditional production methods to be used, which is why these bottles bear the catchy title “spirits distilled from agave.” If you’re not familiar, you can read a short explanation here.

About The Labels

Since the goal is to share mezcal as you would find it at the source, we thought it would be cool to put it in packaging as close to the way we label it when we travel around Mexico - green masking tape and sharpie.

As for the info on the labels, it’s the people, plants and techniques that give each mezcal its identity, along with the GPS coordinates of the producers. We encourage you to visit and experience first hand what makes these spirits so special, and to confirm that they are made with the same integrity we claim.

Every brand talks about their traditional methods, how well they pay, and what they do to support the environment. No doubt some of that is true; however, all the fair-trade, small batch, organic promises in the world don’t prove a thing, and as consumers you should never simply take the word of anyone selling anything. If it’s not verifiable, don’t believe it.

The mezcal industry is rife with exploitation - underpaying producers and overcharging consumers. We believe the best way to combat that is by demanding transparency. The mezcaleros behind these bottles are not proprietary secrets to be guarded from would-be competitors; they are our partners, and we are proud to share their stories with the world.