Eduardo Ángeles Carreño


Eduardo “Lalo” Ángeles has been variously described as “el maestro de los maestros,” “el filósofo de los magueyes,” and more than a few other titles that seem over the top, until you meet the man, see his operation, and taste the destilados.
Since launching his label Mezcal Lalocura in 2014, Lalo and his clay pot distilled mezcales have built a steady cult following of chefs, writers, and mezcal-heads, who turn up at the palenque each day hoping to spend a few hours listening to Lalo tell stories, tasting through the 20+ expressions he has resting in glass at any given time, and to instagram a photo of his colorful dining room table cloth, covered in empty veladoras.
Before venturing off on his own, Lalo spent years working as the fourth generation master distiller of his family’s label Real Minero, where he combined a lifetime of working under his father, the late, great Don Lorenzo with a degree in agricultural engineering, and a philosophy that is all his own.
As conscientious of where he sells his bottles as he is of what goes into them, Lalocura has only been available outside of the palenque in select few venues that Lalo deemed worthy.

Until Now.